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One of my favourite one day trip for all my guests is Pavana Dam and area, which is just 50 km away from from Pimpri Chinchwad and just 70 odd km away from Pune city. If I recollect correct, I have visited to this place not less than 15 times. Not a single year have passed when I did not visit the Pavana Dam. The surrounding of the Pavana Dam is so nourishing and refreshing, this makes Pavana Dam must go place during Monsoon. I am sure you will love this place if you visit once.    

  Dam View - Rainy Season 

WHAT THE PLACE IS ALL ABOUT ­- A beautiful dam surrounded by hills all around. This place is blessed with natural beauty of hills; waterfalls and island too. All Pimpri Chinchwad area gets water from this dam. There is long road goes from side of the dam showing its natural beauty. To the one end of the road there is dam view, large sump of water and to the other end number of waterfalls adding to the beauty. Few years back this place was unexplored (During my college days) but now people are looking for such places to visit during weekends, to get refreshed and to get energy from nature.
View from top of Waterfall surrounding Dam
BEST TIME TO VISIT – From July till December. There is one island in the dam, near to Lohgad boat club. If water is less (may be around 60% of dam capacity) then you can go there by walk but not in rainy season. During rainy season you have to take boat to reach there.
HOW TO REACH - If you have your own vehicle,
The way from Kamshet to Pavana Dam

1)  Coming from PCMC – you come straight from old Mumbai Pune highway till the Kamshet and from take a left turn towards Pavananager. It’s around 20 Km from that turn. Just follow the signboards and you will reach there.   

2)  Coming from Pune – You may come from Chandani Chauk to the Paud and take a right turn towards Hadshi. Come straight from the same road and you will reach the place. 

From Chinchwad

From Pune

It’s just one day picnic. When you reach near the wall of dam you have to drive up hill to reach at the top from where the beautiful view of dam water can be seen. Just go there and take some beautiful snaps. Entry to the dam wall is restricted. Drive straight and on the way you will see the safe and eye catching waterfalls .Needless to say, you will for sure step down from your vehicle and get wet under the waterfalls.
Please make sure you park your vehicle safely to the side of the road in such a way that it will not disturb the traffic. The waterfall is safe; even if you climb up from where waterfalls begin. But be careful because it’s a slippery out there during rainy season. After getting yourself completely wet under waterfall Garama garam bhaji or sweetcorn to banta hai. (hot dish is essential). To have it you may proceed further and reach to the LOHGAD BOAT CLUB. You can spend good time there. This is a good restaurant which serves Veg and non veg meal. Have your lunch there and you can go for boating. Lot of boating options available at that place. Speed boat, couple boat, paddle boat etc. And believe me if it’s not raining heavily but sprinkles of water just coming from sky, try to take boat ride in rainy days near Pavana dam. I will not tell why but you will share your experience how you feel. After having boat ride you can either go further to see one more small waterfall and nearby places (explained below) or return to your home.

Oh yes I forget to mention about, if in case you want to stay there, you can call to Pavana Boat Club. They have their cottage to the other end of the dam. They will carry you by Boat to their cottages on the bank of backwater of Pavana dam and your meal arrangement will be done at your stay location. You need not to worry about anything. On second day boat will come at your cottages to pick you up.
FORTS – Pavana dam is surrounded by many forts. To the front it has TIKONA FORT (Triangular shape) exact opposite to Tikona and the other end of the dam its FORT TUNGI. To the right of the dam there are two forts, FORT LOHGAD and FORT VISAPUR. If you take the same road towards Lonavala from Pavana dam, you will come across “DUDHIVARE KHIND”. From there one road takes you to the FORT LOHGAD and other road takes you towards LONAVALA. If time permits you can have quick trek to the LOHGAD.
HADSHI is one of the religious places of SHRI SATYA SAI BABA. The place is situated around 8-10 km from Pavana Dam. You must see this place and its beauty. I am posting few pics of the place to see its beauty.
Hadshi Temple
          GIRIVAN – To know the details about this please click here........
PRATI PANDHARPUR This place is exactly similar to PANDHARPUR and made by BABA MAHARAJ SATARKR. This place is just before the DUDHIVARE KHIND. You may also visit this place. Many people get confused as, Hadshi is a Prati Pandharpur, where as Prati Pandharpur is different one as I mentioned above.
If you are looking for charming, refreshing out door picninc, this place is for you. Do explore and share your experience here... 

Here are few more pics...
- महेश  आवटे 
You may take boat to reach on the small Island in above photo

Dudhivare Khind - Superb Place

Fort Tungi at Backside

Fort Tikona in photo

Road to Tikona Fort

At Lohgad boat club

Discussing on serious topic

Horn does not work for them...

Speed Boat

Sunset at Pavana Dam during Summer

Keep travelling .....


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    1. Tikona is easily accessible but for tungi u hv to travel surrounding dam then u reach at base of tungi. Visiting this place in summer is not bad idea. But in monsoon it's amazing. There are camping site at the base of Tikona....

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